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23rd August 2007

Group C - Forfeited out of the entire 5on5 match.
(Changes that had been made shall be announce during game play - 31st AUG 2007)

GROUP C is proud to win 2 matches and lost 2 matches for the 5on5 game play.


  • All team captains are REQUIRED to get a briefing before the entire event on behalf of the GROUP. (A 30mins briefing)
  • None participating teams/players are term as FREE AGENT. FREE AGENTS are allowed to assist any required GROUP for any match, but prizes will only be presented unto the official PAIR registered team members of each GROUP.
  • All registered participating teams are allowed to recruit FREE AGENTS.
  • Registered PAIR GROUP(s)/ team players are strictly prohibited to assist other on playing GROUP(s)/ TEAM(s)
  • Team captains are held responsible for their entire group/ team member's conduct in this event.Any misconduct shall be held responsible on the entire GROUP/ TEAM. Even being forfeited from the particular match.
  • Only team captain are allowed to approach any relating issue to Personnel in charge.
  • Player(s) are not allowed to approach panelist area. Unless otherwise for related/ relevant queries of any sort.

Reminder - unspoken rules

  • Each knock out matches is allocated one (1) 30sec TIME OUT call.
  • Semi Final and Final match is given two (2) 30sec TIMEOUT call on each halves.

Event Details